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Mojofest Day 0: the future is in AR

AR and journalism, VR and journalism, AI and journalism.

It’s a long time that I reflect on the fact that the future of journalism professionals plays on these three acronyms, AR, VR and AI, and on the distance between these and the man who will work on new contents, new media. On day zero of Mojofest, the one in which I left Milan and arrived in Galway, I received a clear signal that my thoughts are right. I met and chatted with Alberto Linares of Every Whoah, a company that develops content in AR for brands and in the music world. His visionary imagination struck me and his ideas were captured by me in a live 10 minute live format that we did from the bus that took us from Dublin to Galway.


ALBERTO LINARES: MAGO DELLA AR PER I CONTENUTISembra un segnale, ma il primo incontro che ho fatto sulla via per MojoFest è quello con Alberto Linares di Everywoah una company specializzata in contenuti AR. Bello poter parlare con un protagonista di questo campo di quello che penso sia il futuro del giornalismo.

Pubblicato da Francesco Facchini – The Mobile Side su Mercoledì 5 giugno 2019
La nostra chiacchierata con the road.

An interesting experiment.

As you may have heard, Alberto has clear ideas as to whether journalists, communication professionals are in great demand in his field to help build experiences of fruition of Augmented Reality, but also other types of content. Besides, it is required that they be mojo for the agility to move and work with the mobile phone from production to delivery to support the central work of advertising campaigns with side content, making off or other. For the flow of the days of Mojofest an interesting beginning, which suggests where to put the bow of your career and head to find opportunities, opportunities, money.

Di Francesco Facchini

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