Mojofest Day 1: the power of storytelling

The “For Sama” story

The Syrian filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab has made an impressive documentary which was the opening keynote of MojoFest on June 6, 2019. A shocking, shocking, at times sickening film, which gave everyone the great message they produce in mojo and have a mojo mentality gives everyone another chance, to invent a new style, to bring life, death, blood, screams, tears and hope into a video with the impression that it is life. As well as.
This neorealism is inside For Sama. A film that everyone should see to understand what war is and what is the powerful mojo language. Nothing to do with smartphone or hardware. Everything to do with life.

The message is clear: the stories will never die.

The stories will never die. We will always need it, be it the power of the one told by the young Syrian woman, who has documented the agony of Aleppo under the bombs to write a letter of forgiveness to her daughter, Sama, or they are of the simplest kind. At the most important conference in the world in terms of the present and future of the media, the cry has arrived strong: change the instruments, but do not be afraid, the stories will remain a primary human need. The first day went on the wings of arguments and provocations related to photography and cinematographic creativity that has now seen 12 films made with smartphones. In the afternoon numerous workshops revealed secrets and gleanings of the smartphone photography. In my day it remains the theme of storytelling that remains a certainty in a changing world. I also talked about it with the award-winning and very talented Mike Castellucci, a champion of video narrative with a smartphone. Even from him the idea came clear: if you have the story you can live with it, the money comes.

You have to be careful though: the places of the stories are changing and you have to adapt to this. Even the languages, even the technique, even the grammar. I’ll tell you a couple of small details: today I saw For Sama, only the trailer. Well, I still heard those who said that the images were not of quality. This girl was recording with a phone in the middle of the bombs and there are also those who complain. She changes the perception of images, she is a genius, she is an artist.

Second thing: look at what your work can and should be spread, offered, formatted, for anyone who needs a story. Invent products, change layouts, change places, propose yourself for content on social media, on the web, on any medium. The only obstacle is inside people’s heads: fight, change, bewitch, convince yourself. Then the good story you have on your hands will pay your bills. Staying on your schemes will only make you die more slowly.

Di Francesco Facchini

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