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Mobile content creation: my project changes

My site will change face and my project will change house

The site you are reading is about to change. Until now it has been my home and home of my work of popularizing mobile journalism and mobile content creation. From today it will no longer be this and now I’ll explain why.

It will no longer be because, after years of dissemination writings on the subject of mobile content creation, I decided to give back to the site its more natural location. From today on, in fact, it will be only my home and my professional showcase, the site of presentation and explanation of my work as a mobile content creator, as a consultant, as a trainer, as an innovator in the world of media and in communication for the companies. Here, from now on, you will find the professional Francesco Facchini, his projects and his clients, his commitments and his portfolio (by the way, did you see that I started to create one? It’s in the menu).

The path of this project therefore changes, changes direction. I understood it in Galway, during the last Mojofest breaks, in moments of silence in front of the ocean, during which I looked at myself from outside and saw a beautiful image that is still not clear. Here, the time has come to define it and to give all my manifestations their place, leaving this site to its natural function. Which? That to make people understand who I am, what job I do and what I can do for you.

Dear Italian I leave you

There will be a moment of transition for this site, in which perhaps it will be difficult to find the orientation. All the material on mobile content creation and mobile journalism produced so far will remain here, both in Italian and in its English version, which you can find by clicking on the English flag in the menu. I will try to tidy up the house, to tidy up the drawers, to put everything in a luster so that you can find what you are looking for, in Italian. Just give me some time.

I inform you that from now on I will write about mojo and mobile content creation elsewhere and only in English, developing a project called “The Mobile Side”.

A reference point.

Journalism, creativity, economy, the mobile world. I will write in English in a project that will have its own site, currently under construction, which aims to become the reference point for publications that talk about mobile content creation at an international level. I don’t want to tell you more about this project, which I’m doing with my colleague Fabio Ranfi. It is being born as a stream of thoughts and actions.

The only thing that I assure you is this: every publication on that platform will have an excellent quality level and will be inside a project that wishes to have high connotations. Over time, a high interaction and an active multimedia experience will be developed that can define The Mobile Side as a knowledge for those who make creativity and communication of all kinds with mobile tools.

The evolution of a project

I made the decision to create a different place for the subject because this project must evolve a lot before becoming a decisive part of the world of Italian and international media. I talked about it writing about the difficulties of Mojofest. In that article I said that we can move forward or close ourselves in our small businesses and see how it goes, or become something more. I chose the second road, I chose to create something that is a virtual home for mobile content creation and for those who care about it.

More is to be done

I’ve done a lot of things over the past three years. I taught in university, I produced reportage, I worked as a consultant for publishing companies, served professional studies, made the speaker in national and international events, designed format for institutions, created creative products for brands. I feel I have created a certain movement, but that movement cannot continue to stand under the dome of a site that bears my name.

It must have his own house and this house will be The Mobile Side. There are still many things to do. I’ll tell you two of these: we must create awareness that mobile helps to do business and is changing the economic models of the media world. We need to explore the future, which is made up of certainly different devices (wearable) and new languages such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmenter Reality. Even there we will have to do a lot, even in these fields you can discover a lot with The Mobile Side.

What you can find here

So, on this site, you’ll find me. If you want my phone to be at your service, if you want to find out how to do it, if you want a consultation, a suggestion, a quote, this is the place to find me. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to you in Italian.

The mobile side of the world

My disclosure, however, passes into the other side of the world, the Mobile Side. Soon you will have news, the site will soon be born, soon this bridge will be born between the contents and the culture of the mobile content creation and who lives it. A meeting place, made without borders by the English language. A few days and I open a new house. A greeting.

Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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