Mobile media economy: the economic value of the conversation

Francesco Facchini
Mobile media economy: the economic value of...

The trip to London made me discover a world: the world of mobile media economy.

In this definition, smartphones, apps, lenses, microphones and all the devilries we use to do mobile content creation are of little importance. The definition of mobile media economy refers to those business media that develop by focusing on the smartphone. As an observer and scholar of the world of mobile content creation, I decided to explore a path that leads to the encoding of winning business models that the smartphone has, as a content producer, as a vehicle for use and as a bridge of interaction with the members of a community of readers that the medium knowingly decides to serve.

The conversation is worth the money: the Tortoise case.

In London I visited the newsroom of Tortoise Media and I was hosted by one of their Thinkin, a sort of editorial meeting on a specific topic in which readers also participate. I have observed very well the many dynamics of creation of economic value from an intangible asset, but very important in the media world today. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the interaction with readers who pay to be able to take advantage of the editorial production of the medium. The economic value of the conversation. I talked about it with Tortoise co-founder Katie Vanneck Smith who, in a 20-minute interview, told me about all the scaffolding in their medium project. A revolution, a school case, the beginning of a new culture. Here is how the conversation with members develops in Tortoise and this is how it is brought to be an economic value for the growth of the media business.

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