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I’m a dad, first of all. Or maybe it’s just that, because the rest is relative. I was born in 1971 in Milan, I graduated in Political Science with a thesis on Chievo (you already read well), I’m a professional journalist, I wrote three books, I told stories, I saw things, did things … I participated as a chronicler to a soccer world championship, to two Olympics, to Expo 2015. I have witnessed many facts of recent history and tried to tell them.

Of dreams to realize I do one a day and my dad taught me how to make them become real. From 2016 I decided to share not what I am, but what I do and what I learn, both at work and in life. I? If you go to the root, I’m a single dad and a street reporter. I am also a teacher and a trainer who decided to create this blog to spread the culture of mobile content creation in Italian.

In English, they are a mojo (a mobile journalist) following decades of studies on the subject and past professional experiences. I create, produce and realize multimedia contents with the sole aid of mobile devices with IOS operating system. From podcasts to facebooklive, from videos (even 360 °) to reports, from texts to photos: any content that can become a file is my daily bread. They are, as those who know, a “Multimedia content producer”.

Since November 2017 I am a teacher of the Masters of the Iulm, I have been called to teach also from the University of Pavia and Lumsa. I had the honor, in February 2018 and 2019, of being deployed in the speaker team of “Les Rencontres Francophones de la Vidéo Mobile”, an international conference on mobile journalism in Paris.

In May 2018 I was also in charge of directing a panel to Mojofest, the world’s largest mobile content creation conference.

Among my activities there is also that of the consultant for professional organizations, companies or media who want to head on the path of “mobilization”.

In april 2019 I was one of the speaker of International Journalism Festival in Perugia to deliver a panel about “Mobile Journalism and Business”.

In september 2019 my activity as mobile communication advisor of Prontolo and Gr3n to develop a communication project based on mobile content creation.

“How do you eat an elephant? In little pieces”: this is the phrase that I repeat to myself every day. From these years I do not know if I will go out alive. I will find out and you will find out if you follow the columns of this site. If I succeed, I promise I’ll leave as soon as possible. And I retire to a wooden house, by the sea, with a connection and a tablet. With the aim of reading all the books I have not read yet.

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