Earn money with contents: the news aggregators

Francesco Facchini
Earn money with contents: the news...

Content producers and journalists have many opportunities during this period.

One of the most interesting tools with which journalists, content producers and bloggers can earn more, now in a reasonable way, are the platforms that aggregate news. I’m studying them in the research strategy that led me to set up a mobile business course for journalists and communicators who had a “Beta” episode in Roman Press and that I will soon be presenting again. The tools with which, starting from the smartphone, a communicator can rebuild or improve his career (and his income) are many, but should be used well within a personal editorial project. On this the course (if you want further information write me).

News platforms: apps are getting better.

I am the first to be skeptical of these apps that bring together third-party content. There are a lot of controversial issues concerning copywright and you need to know how to evaluate when you decide to subscribe to any of these sites. You must also read and expect to understand what the “revenue sharing” program is. The unit of measure is the Revenue Per Mille, that is to say how much they give you for every thousand impressions that the platform does thanks to what you have written or to the videos that you have uploaded.

In this period, however, I see the platforms, thanks to the programs of arithmetic intelligence, becoming less and less quantitative and more qualitative. You must not then impress the departure, which often is based on low numbers. If the content you write (or publish) for your media is quality, the audience will improve slowly and gradually.

A chat with News Republic

To understand more about this phenomenon I had a chat, yesterday in Milan, with Stefan Lange, country manager of News Republic, the platform that I am studying carefully and which I participate in. I asked him a lot of things that are useful for my research and to further improve the mobile business course. Then we had the chat that you can see below.

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