Vimojo and the co-creation concept

Francesco Facchini
Vimojo and the co-creation concept

One app to follow and protect 

The friends of Videona Spain are one of the “miracles” of the world of mobile journalism. The Madrid team continues the development of the Vimojo app and its new-born sister for vertical videos, Vishow, with the courage and expertise of all time in a complicated and difficult to interpret world. For this application, excellent for a mobile videomaking base for those entering this world, interesting times are approaching that rhyme with the word co-creation, one of the must-haves of the media world.

This is confirmed by Iago Fernandez Cedron, one of the creators of software that is climbing the list of the most agile and efficient editing tools of the moment. The interview was recorded a few weeks ago, but tells very well the present and the future of Vimojo that is arousing, every day more, the interest of publishing companies that need a basic and professional editing system for production and publication of videos.

Il futuro improntato alla co-creazione pone Vimojo all’attenzione seria del mercato degli editori che vogliono dotare i loro giornalisti di uno strumento di montaggio veloce dei video e dei prodotti che creano sul campo. 

Iago Fernandez Cedron (Videona)

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