Mojofest Day 3: the legacy of a great event

It took me a while to write about the last day of Mojofest. Now I’ll explain why. The reason is very simple: Mojofest died on 8 June 2019 and the announcement of the death was given on 11 June 2019 with this announcement on the site and on the social networks of the event. A […]

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Mobile Journalism is dead

They often ask me to tell what mobile journalism is. Well, now I can say what mobile journalism was. Yeah, you read that right: I wrote what it was. It was this: it was that professional culture that interpreted the production of editorial multimedia content for journalism or corporate communication made with the sole help […]

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Mobile media economy: the economic value of the conversation

The trip to London made me discover a world: the world of mobile media economy. In this definition, smartphones, apps, lenses, microphones and all the devilries we use to do mobile content creation are of little importance. The definition of mobile media economy refers to those business media that develop by focusing on the smartphone. […]