Hashtag our stories is getting big

Format, mission, vision, even business. Hashtag our stories is getting big.

In my recent trip to London I had the opportunity to speak with one of the team leaders of the Hashtag our Stories format that the award-winning journalist Yusuf Omar has been carrying out since the end of 2017 with results of enormous value. I had a chat with Andy Burgess, videoaker and storyteller who joined the group some time ago, in the second part of 2018, to give power to the vertical editing of which he is an authentic magician.

The growth of the Hos phenomenon

I am very curious about the growth of the Hashtag our Stories phenomenon, because I am a fan of this great experiment in journalistic language innovation, because I have a sincere admiration for Yusuf and his wife and because I believe that this liquid format is one of the few disruptive messages that I have seen in this period in visual media. Hos has met a stable partner in Snapchat who has helped with the formation and is probably still doing it, in exchange for a splendid show that the boys are holding to the sound of snap on the social of the ghost. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars to start growing and settle in the United States, after the first round of funding that the Yusuf start-up had received from a start-up incubator in Durban, South Africa.

Not just venture capital, but much more.

It is interesting to see how Hashtag our Stories is developing, beyond the classic use of Venture Capital. Yusuf and his followers support their action with a great social message, going to the four corners of the planet to teach mobile journalism to communities that need to make their voices heard, beyond any economic reasoning. All animated by the principles of constructive journalism that helps these communities by telling their stories with positive perspectives and finding solutions to problems.

For this value Hos, this is the abbreviation of Hashtag our Stories, is not aimed at the financial market, but is evaluated by the world of donations as an NGO which in reality it is. Through the story from multiple perspectives, in fact, Hos gives awareness to these worlds by opening them to improvement. For this reason it creates an economic value that must be sustained. Here, then the chat done with Andy in London to let me tell you about the moment of the team and the format.

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