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Adobe Premiere Rush on Android changes media history

Yesterday was a historic day for mobile content creation, thanks to Adobe Premiere Rush

From 21 May 2019, in fact, it is possible to download Adobe Premiere Rush for Android and have that editing app available for the Robottino phones too (for now the number of enabled devices is quite limited). This deadline, this date, changes the things of mobile content creation in every sense because yesterday saw the birth of the first creative platform that can make you mount video content with any mobile device you have. I’m talking, in fact, of a software that has a version for mac, one for PC, one for iPad, one for iPhone and, since yesterday, for Android phones.

The secret is in the cloud

Adobe has entered the field, as regards video editing from smartphones and tablets, with all the power of its concept concerning the cloud and has prepared an app that is a powerful base on which the work of the coming periods will develop. Today I tried it by creating the video you see below (with some inaccuracies) in two different versions and with two different devices from 16.10 to 16.49. The work environment on smartphones (I worked on an iPhone 7plus and on a Note 8) is familiar and easy to understand, intuitive and fast. It can be lived vertically and leads to the processing of immediate and fast videos, rhythmic and suitable for social media. In short, Rush makes creating at speed and unleashes creativity due to its ease of use. I easily set up the work in 26: 9 in Android with some “basic” coverage and two girths. Then I tried the big secret of Adobe Premiere Rush.

Two formats made simultaneously.

So, while I was uploading the video in 16: 9 for my live multicast, I continued to produce the vertical format on the iPhone and saw a great thing. The realignment of formats from horizontal to vertical is surprising and hides what Fred Rolland told me in a phone call. Who am I talking about? I’m talking about the Creative Cloud Manager for Business and Video, EMEA, in Adobe, based in Paris. Verticalizing the work I did was easy in a disarming way and I saw with my own eyes the graphics recalibrate following the change in the image.

Adobe Sensei is born … an AI master

Listen to what Rolland says: “Rush for us is the basis for a future development that will have surprising boundaries – he told me on the phone – and that will give video creators a platform never seen before, a tool that will make them work in total freedom “And you want to know thanks to what? Thanks to Adobe Sensei. It is all that part of programming that is behind Rush and that represents the technological base of artificial intelligence with which we have already revolutionized some passages, such as the change of format and the harmonization of voice with music, but know that we are preparing to do more, much more Speech to text and automatic subtitling can be two future scenarios that Rush will implement with the help of AI, an AI that is already present in our basic structure and which will be the ingredient with which we will re-launch video creativity in the world “. All thanks to the new Adobe Sensei which, I think so, will also have the merit of being able to make Rush talk with the entire Creative Cloud suite.

First impressions.

Adobe Premiere Rush has a different philosophy than the other suites. It pushes on immediacy and linear editing if it is true that, for example, to put B-Roll on the second timeline the operation must be done in two steps because the additional video falls first on the base timeline and then can be worked . However, I want to take some time, more than a month, let’s say, to think about how Rush invites you to work and support it. Titles, music, transitions: everything is immediate, everything can be worked in seconds. “The idea is that Rush is a suite that lets people work in flux and gives great freedom – says Rolland -. The freedom to produce everywhere and to live what is being told with images with serenity, because turning it into a visual story is easy, but from the qualitative result “.

The reasons for a revolution

Why does Adobe Premiere Rush change the media world? Simple, because it is a suite that has no barriers and has everything it needs inside its heart, that cloud thanks to which today I have moved from the Note 8 to the iPhone within a few seconds. Try to bring this blessed possibility into the editorial workflows and discover a world with infinite possibilities, since updates on all the devices that work on the same video are automatic and can establish a workflow that gives perfect interaction between resources that are on the places of events and news and resources that integrate the work into the newsroom and then take care of the issue.

I accept the challenge, Rush.

If instead you bring the reasoning to freelancers the weapon of being able to work as a landline and mobile and let them see (hoping you don’t touch eh …) the client’s work in real time, I think that enormous potential is free. Rush is still at the beginning and already costs 12 euros. Someone argues, but the cloud, the license for all devices and the synergies that I think are worth making. Provided that Rush gives us some improvements that favor non-linear editing (to please us old bacchi that we still assemble by thinking about TV). But I accept the challenge and relaunch. If Rush makes me change the way I write the videos I’m there and I break everything. Let’s see what happens.

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